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Anonymous asked:

just curious, do you ever get sick of drawing porn? like i try and then it just gets boring after some time idk

Honestly, I do. Which is why i dont just draw it like that. It;s usually commissions or a means to make some cash, hopefully. gotta pay bills and stuff, and a lot of people like my characters. sooooo… :)

Just so you guys know, you’ll need flash player for it to work on your desktop. However it also works in any internet browser. Firefox runs it flawlessly. Just letting you guys know before you buy it and run into problems.

The interactive blowjob flash featuring Morghan is now available. Go watch Twinkie Time; Morghan sucking some cock thinking its a twinkie. XD

Complete with facial and swallow.

Twinkie Time:

Twinkie Time w/ every Women of Erotica bundle (that’s right… ;) ):

Hope you guys like it!


Anonymous asked:

I saw you were having problems with a possible Morgan BJ animation on how to keep her innocent. What if she just wants the "ultimate twinkie cream" mentioned in Women of Erotica 5, and thinking it's just that: twinkie cream?

That’s actually exactly what I decided on doing. :D Great minds!

Women of Erotica bundles on sale!

If you haven’t seen these bundles yet, be sure to get your copies while they’re dirt cheap!

For $0.50 - Women of Erotica 01:

For $0.75 - Women of Erotica 02:

For $1.50 - Women of Erotica 03:

For $1.50 - Women of Erotica 04:

For $2.50 - Women of Erotica 05:

Women of Erotica 06 releases late January!

Buy If you can, If not link a friend or two. :3


Anonymous asked:

woah woah woah what's this I hear about you saying you've sketched out Morghan getting busy? even if you don't do any finished colored pictures, any chance you might upload the sketches?

one of these days, i’ll upload a sketch or two. :3

purm asked:

Morghan seems to come up in your askbox a lot, it looks like. But with the killer combo of such a cute innocence and such fantastic, huge tits, I can't say I am surprised she's so popular. I hope you really do consider that animation you did a poll about on DA. ;-)

I’m strongly considering it. Need some holiday cash. :) I’m glad you like her! shes my favorite. >:3

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